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Albany is a grand and great city, an area of many assets, both natural and man-made. Along with the surrounding cities of Schenectady, Troy, and Saratoga Springs, as well as the many towns, villages, and hamlets throughout New York's Capital District, Albany offers nature, architecture, climate, technology, civic activity, and commerce in many degrees of intensity and expression.

Somewhat less evident is the depth of artistic talent that this area holds. It is less noticed not because of its lack of quality, but rather because it is easy to overlook such opportunities in a city big enough to be on most globes, but small enough to have only one daily newspaper.

TheHiddenCity seeks to right this wrong, and let Albany and the rest of the world in on one of its treasures.

Or rather, the tip of an iceberg of treasures.

More treasures are here.

Happy hunting,


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