Miss Mary's 'gives up the ghost'

May 26, 2004.

This just in from the arts heroes at Miss Mary's:

Miss Mary's isn't getting a new space

Once again, negotiations with a potential landlord have failed, and finding ourselves without a space and right back at square one, we've decided to give up the ghost.

This decision was not an easy one; every member of the board – and every participating member of the organization – has invested time, energy and emotion into reopening our mighty little venue. But in the end, the repeated real estate disappointments became too much to bear.

We had a good run – we put on some nice shows and published five issues of SCREED, with a sixth (and final) edition due out on June 23. This last issue will hopefully contain as complete a list as possible of arts happenings in the Albany area. It's always been the primary goal of Miss Mary's to make this a better place to live by pumping up the arts. Here's this one last shot.

You got on this email list because you are somehow interested in creative work. You are the bearers and keepers of art in Albany. You patronize artists and artistic programs. Maybe you teach art or play music. Maybe you organize events. Chances are you know others who fit this description as well.

Because of you, Albany is in luck. There's lots going on around here. Lots to see and do. And the SCREED wants to shout about it.

The deadline for submissions to the final SCREED is June 7. Let's end it on a positive note by listing – in all its glorious volume and detail – all the great things we can think of about the Albany arts scene: Events listings, calls for submission, artist support groups, reflections on why it's so awesome (or not, even) to live here, available spaces for artists, you name it.

We don't want to skimp on the poetry, music, drawing, painting, spoken word and fiction (etc.) so send that in too – but if we can't scrape up a few solid pages of opportunities for artists and patrons of the arts, then we've got to ask ourselves what we're doing wrong. You've got until June 7. Go!

Thanks to everybody who made Miss Mary's what it was. Thanks for putting on events at #5 New Scotland. Thanks for contributing to the SCREED. Thanks for making MEAN TIME and the SWAP MEET happen. Thanks for your kind words and your support. Albany is just a little bit cooler for our having come together this way.

Up the Arts!

Send submissions to SCREED, 2B Irving St. Albany, NY 12202.



Mean Time. Fall 2003

mean time

In Between Days. October 2003



Fagbug Fundraiser. Albany.
The Orange Reunion Show. Albany.
The Last Conpirators CD Release Party.

FALL 2006

Soul Kitchen 10th Anniversary. Albany.
Why Can't I Be You 4. Albany.


Paddy Kilrain. Albany.

FALL 2005

Fashion Rock. Albany.
Hanslick Rebellion. NYC.


Brian Patneaude Quartet. Albany.


Lark Street Book Shop Songwriters. Albany.
Holiday Burlesque. Albany.

FALL 2004

Rosanne Raneri. Albany.
Gastronomic Dance. Albany.


Shock and Awe at Firelfanz. Albany.
Marlow. Albany.


Celebrating Dylan. Schenectady.
Kamikaze Hearts. Albany.
Super 400. Albany.
Maria Zemantauski. Troy.
Why Can't I Be Eck? Albany.


Metroland at 25. Colonie.
Changing Spaces. Albany.
Ed Wood Film Festival. Albany.

FALL 2003

Why Can't I Be You, Too? Albany.
Miss Mary's at RPI's C+CC. Troy.
Loiacono and Gordon. Saratoga Springs.
Brian Patneaude Quartet. Albany.
Knotworking. Albany.


The Day Jobs. Albany.
Education activists 1. Albany.
Education activists 2. Albany.
Lark Street. Albany.
Robby Baier. Albany.
Voices and Bells. Albany.
Voices and Bells. Albany.
Motherjudge. Albany.
School of Night. Albany.


Soul Kitchen. Albany.
Erie Boulevard. Schenectady.
Van Dyck. Schenectady.
Lionheart. Albany.
A.C. Everson. Albany.
Capitol rally. Albany.
Capitol rally. Albany.
Snow snow snow. Albany.
Justin's. Albany.
Corning Tower. Albany.
Lark and Madison. Albany.
John Powhida. Albany.

FALL 2002

O.i.N.k. Albany.
Discard Avant Garb. Albany.
Kamikaze Hearts at WAMC. Albany.
Mitch Elrod. Everywhere.
Savannah's. Albany.


Nipper. Albany.
Uncle Sam. Troy.
Hudson River Way. Albany.
SPAC. Saratoga Springs.
Lark Fest 1. Albany.
Lark Fest 2. Albany.
Lark Fest 3. Albany.
Lark Fest 4-21. Albany.