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Photoriffic Pixalicious

Swamp Baby. Swamp Burre. The Foundry.

lori matt tom

The Foundry for Art Design + Culture presents a musical event in reburgeoning downtown Cohoes. [more]

Super Heart Offenders

lori matt tom

Revolution Hall in Troy with Super 400, Kamikaze Hearts and Sense Offenders. [more]

Bringing It All Back Home.

art on lark

A return to Albany for Amsterdam Amy Abdou.

Art on Lark. Literally.

art on lark

Or to be more precise: Art on Lancaster. Literally.

Fagbug Fundraiser


Monies raised at the recent Fagbug Fundraiser at Savannah's in Albany will help Erin spread the good word as she hits the road with the Fagbug and a film crew later this month.

The Orange Reunion Show

the orange reunion show

Rejoice, geek-rock fans, for your time has come! The four original members of the Orange stage a one-off reunion show

The Last Conspirators

the last conspirators

The Last Conspirators are fronted by former Morons and Ghostrunner singer-songwriter Tim Livingston, who has been making music locally for three decades and is celebrating the release of his first album in 14 years.

Why Can't I Be Yo', Fo'

why can't i be you 4 albany new york

The fourth installment of Albany's own kinda-sorta annual Why Can't I Be You series, wherein Albany songwriters celebrate Albany songwriters.

Soul Kitchen 10th Anniversary

soul kitchen albany new york

Veterans of Albany's own Soul Kitchen celebrate 10 years of deep fried culture and collard green lyrics at the WAMC Performing Arts Center.

Celebrating Paddy Kilrain

albany singer songwriter paddy kilrain

Albany artists, poets and musicians rally for singer-songwriter Paddy Kilrain, who was hit by a drunk driver outside Lark Tavern this spring.

Fashion Rock

fashion rock at tess' lark tavern albany

It was fashion. It was rock. It was FASHION ROCK. And for one evening, it took over Tess' Lark Tavern. And we have the visual evidence of the before, DURING and after.

The rebellion is here...

hanslick rebellion at cbgb's

Conceived in Albany in the 90s, the Hanslick Rebellion recently reunited for a special performance at CBGB's in New York City - 10 years to the day after their first show at Mother Earth's Cafe.

Why Can't I Be Ye, Three

raneri motherjudge harkes

Albany artists murdered each other's poems and songs all night long in the third installment in the Why Can't I Be You series. (Can you believe it's been four years since the first one?)

Brian Patneaude Quartet

brian patneaude

See and hear the Brian Patneaude Quartet. Celebrating the release of the new CD Distance at the WAMC Performing Arts Center.



The Erftones have something new for you.

Painting with Words and Music

A.C. Everson reports on every open mic in the world.

Mary Panza has seen these Johnnies through disco, punk, new wave, Goth and grunge.

Bryan Thomas offers 4 mixes of 2 new songs. Music to heal by.

More Features

SONGWRITERS SMORGASBORD. Celebrating the Songwriters Series at the Lark Street Book Shop.

NAUGHTY AND NICE. A special holiday burlesque benefit at Valentine's.

SHIFT HAPPENS. Rosanne Raneri celebrates the release of her new album 'Shift' at the WAMC Performing Arts Studio.

GASTRONOMIC DANCE PARTY. Because you only live twice.

SHOCK AND AWE: Some American Art. The Albany arts community gathers at Lark Street's Firlefanz Gallery to reflect on 9/11, the war in Iraq, and the current political climate.

Marlow and Friends. Celebrating the release of 'The World Before it Ever Was' at Valentine's.

Miss Mary's, once again without a space, 'gives up the ghost.' THC celebrates their efforts.

Rolling Thunder. Celebrating Bob Dylan in Schenectady.

The Hearts are up way past your bedtime. Late show and aftermath at Justin's.

Super 400 at Savannah's. Blastin' the message.

The Divine Ms. Z. Maria Zemantauski and her new project Alegria.

Why Can't I Be Eck? TheHiddenCity serenades and celebrates Mr. Maximum Solo Acoustic.


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